Coverages of artists in abroad


The Iranian actors and especially actresses have been restricted by the government and Islamic laws in terms of dresses and hijab face . Therefore they can’t put on any dresses that they wish or make up freely in the public or in front of the people . That’s why that when the most of them travel to foreign countries and especially European , They put on the strange and fashion clothes which are unusual and They have the maximum benefit of the free space of abroad . In below we see some of these pictures . 1- Narges Mohammadi : She had appeared in the TV series called Setayesh , with full veil and tent , was travelled to the world cup in Brazil ,
She was seen with colorful  clothes and face which was painted similarly to Iranian flag And the rest of artists were with her including Seyed Javad Hashemi , Fatemeh Goudarzi , Sam Derakhshani and Sharifinia . 2-Shabnam Gholikhani : She has played the role of cute girls in films and TV Series , The best example was her playing in the role of ” Virgin Mary ” Her photos in Australia , are so different . Nikki Karimi has appeared with beautiful tights and with a strange clothes . Leila Hatami has put on a stylish dress in an international festival . Fatemeh Motamed Aria has put on fashion clothes in Festivals . Bahareh Rahnama , Shila Khodadad , Amir Aghaee , Mahnaz Afshar , Annahita Nemmati , Bahram Radan , Sepideh khodaverdi and etc  are Some examples for coverages of artists in abroad

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