The similarities of Piere Omidyar and Bill Gates


The story of Pierre Omidyar , has many similarities with the famous Bill Gates . Due to this reason , He is known as Asian Bill Gates . How this story began ? He was the manager of computer programming . Once , When his weekend was long , decide to hold the auction on the internet . , He did it and the result of it called ” The network auction ”This happened in 1995 . After a time , He changed the name of it to ” Ebay” . His original idea was that , through the internet we can create a complete and comprehensive market in which supply and demand situation would be clear and transparent. Two years after 1995 , this company had grown so much that more than a million people visited the ebay site . Today approximately to 12 million goods have been sold by this site , and the number of customers which are recorded is 144 million . In other words 144 million people from all over the worth are considered as the permanent official customers . Many people believe that Omidyar’s Company has so similarities to the giant company of ”Microsoft” which belongs to Bill Gates . Because both of them act on computer products and Both of them are monopoly . Omidyar is 38 years old , and put on simple and comfortable clothes .

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