Marrying market with rich girls and boys have been warmer

Marriage is a sacred and important decision in the life of every person, which enters everybody in new stage of life. The formation of common life and beginning the persons world, and health family, balanced and sustainable requires logical thinking like any important happenings.
Does economic characteristics replace to moral values? Today by changing the marriage criteria among the young generation, someone know the money as the most important scale for marriage. They believe that money solves all of the problems. This group of young people marry with the false belief that if you have a wealthy spouse, you can neglect all facts of the life such as poverty, illiteracy of parents and lack of social status and they can gain an acceptable condition in society and family.
Large age gap leads to separation:
Every wishes belongs to a period of age, most of the couples who have more than a decade age gap, creates some difficulties and leads to emotional distance between them.

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