The comparison of the factors which are effective in selling the films in Hollywood and our country

Investigation about the cause of sale of a film doesn’t have a definitive conclusion . Sometimes the film’s subject , its release conditions , sometimes the name of director , and sometimes the list of artists who play the roles , are effective in sales a film . But most of people often know the presence   of the popular artists as the main reason for sale of a film . In the following article we are going to compare the Hollywood’s factors for sales of a film with Tehran’s factors in this similar subject . Making the most best selling title is not essentially related to reputation or popularity of artists .

According to valid publications of Hollywood , Matt Damon is known as making the most best selling actor in Hollywood . While he doesn’t get high wages . But we can say the superstars such as Leonardo Dicaprio despite of getting high wages but he is not in the 10th stars who are selected as making best selling films .
Generally we can say that all of the artists who the influence in selling films , wouldn’t get the high wages in Hollywood . When we see the high selling films in Tehran , we find that from 35 films are produced and published this year , The film which called ” Ekhrajiha” is the most popular films that has published since now . The title of the artists who made the most money  for the films was given to Mohammad Reza Golzar , Leyla Otadi , Amin Hayaei , Reza Attaran in our country Last year , among the actresses of our country , Mahnaz Afshar achieved the first rank

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