Some of the Celebrities and their younger partners

You have probably hear that the “love don’t know any boundary”. One boundary that we can think of is the age difference. Although we most ladies says that they are attracted to the older gentlemen because of their charisma, their accomplishments and their wealth; it might be harder to justify a younger man with an older lady friend. One good reason can be love. Here are a couple of famous people’s picture with their younger partners.

1- Our number one choice is mister “Flavio Briatore” the former chief of Renault rally team and his younger wife. Flavi is 64 years of age while his wife is 34. This happy couple have two young boys and we wish them a long happy marriage.

Flavio Briatore

2- Halle Barry’s much younger husband. The picture below is the famous actress Halle Barry who has divorced her handsome husband couple of years a ago.
halle berry husband

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