By expansion of the use of social networking pages . Among the all of people The famous artists can make a friendly and stronger Communication with their fans through pages . Reviewing these pages and looking at Some of their pictures and Comments of artists can be enjoyable and amazing . Sahar Ghoreyshi : Everybody was worried about her absence in Instagram for a few days , But By publishing this picture of her , made everybody won’t Concerned .Sahar Ghoreyshi Published a picture of herself and wrote under it in her Instagram , Me and me and me . Niusha Zeighami’s husband took her to the concert of Shahram Shokoohi  , He wants to make her amazing and make her doesn’t think about her absence in Fajr Festival . Bahareh Rahnama published a picture of herself in Instagram and wrote : A Cold night in Autumn in Konia , I’m inner the sheepskin which was at the intrance door of a shop . Niusha Zeighami published a picture of herself in Instagram and wrote under it : The first experience of Playing in Cinema , In the eyes of the wind near the director , Mr Jozani . Benhnoosh Bakhtiary , Published a Picture of herself in her Instagram and wrote : When I was 20 years . I Was So Sad , It’s better that period is over . Mahnaz Afshar , Published her Picture in Instagram and wrote : I Wish I still had him in all these years . I Wish I Was still stroking by his gentle hands . and look at me with his affectionate and powerful eyes . I Regret for it . I Miss my father for ever . Sam Derakhshani , Published a picture in his Instagram and wrote under it . We are watching the Iranian Football Game in My Restaurant near Reza , ALi , and Pezhman .

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