couple of famous Iranian people who you didn’t know have been jailed

No Miyeli Kohan, is not the first famous Iranian personality who’s been jailed. Following is couple of very famous people that you didn’t know have also got in problem with the law and have also been to the jail.


Farzan Athari:
He is an international model who has both Iranian and American Nationality. He has also performed against Mahnaz Afshar and Frotan In the Persian Movie “Chehel Salegi” (meaning the forties). He was later arrested in his hotel room in Dubai under the allegation of carrying 21 grams of Cocaine. He then was sentenced to serve a life sentence (after an international effort to reduce his previously death sentence!!!). He is now serving his time somewhere in U.A.E. .

couple of famouse people who you didn't know have been jailed


Ramin Parchami:

This guys is mostly famous for his part in the early 2000’s TV show the “Panahe To” (under your protection).  He also have been managing a yellow magazine in Iranian gossip. Like many others, he got arrested back in 2008 for participating in Tehran’s after election gatherings in the street. While he was in infamous “Evin” prison, he got convicted for a financial matter too and was later transferred to the “Lahijan” prison to serve a term there too.

ramin parchami



Marziyeh Vafafar:

This lovely lady was arrested for acting in a movie that didn’t have permission from the “Ministry of Guidance”!! She is the wife of Iranian famous director “Naser Taghvayee”. She was sentenced to a 1 year jail and 90 lashes, which later on reduced to 3 months and a fine.

Marziyeh Vafafar

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