Leila Blukat’s Recent Picture from her trip to Germany


Leila Blukat is one of Iranian famous actresses from the golden age of Iranian TV at the beginning of the recent regime. They had some sort of different type of talent to them. I’m guessing because it was before the heavy filtration of actresses and actors. She has played in multiple blockbusters from back in the day and had some very successful TV appearances. She has performed some scenes along Bahram Radan, Goshifteh ,
Farahani, Naser Malek Motiyee, Mahtab Keramati, Hesam Navab Safavi and many other successful actors and actresses. The pictures above are related to her recent trip to Europe.

Including beautiful countries like Germany and Italy. During her trip, she has took so many interesting and beautiful pictures of historical sites and amazing scenery in Milan Italy, Venice Italy and man other historical and touristic cities in European countries.


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