The importance of exercise for women


All Persons must have physical activities at least 2.5 hours per week for having a healthy body But most people do not exercise regularly . Many experts have frequently spoken about the importance of exercises for women . but today, this article aims to tell the necessity of professional sport for women in Third World countries, especially Iran . In developed countries,Training is known as an essential exercise for physical and mental health and women’s participation situation in sport is much better than Third World countries. It is necessary to mention this point once again , exercise reduces blood pressure , heart rate and Percentage of body fat levels .Increases aerobic capacity , prevents osteoporosis and strengthens them. Weight gain and obesity is a risk factor in the development of cancer in women . Despite the social restrictions for women in third world countries , There are Champions and successful women in different sport fields For example we can introduce Iran’s women’s national futsal team won AFC Championship title or The famous champions in the field of Fitness , Swimming , Taekwondo , Basketball , body building and etc . I hope that Iranian women can find their natural rights Such as the entering the stadium and other social rights

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