Which countries would be selected as the destination for tourists in 2016?


One of the largest travel community in United Kingdom(ABTA), has predicted the most popular destinations, which are at the center of attentions by tourists. In this report would give priority to the majority of countries which have provided the terms of acceptable security in 2016.
Also the most important factors in selection priorities of tourists which has been reported , are such as, adventure travel, taking trip to the countries which are located in western of Mediterranean

such as Spain and cheap reservation of accommodation places such as Apartment- Hotels.
The countries which ABTA has announced as the most popular destination which absorb tourists are:
Abu Dhabi,Canada,China,France, Hawaii, Iceland, Iran,Italia, Peru,Poland, Australia and Sri Lanka.
Some of famous artists, have emigrated recent years to these countries because they were prevented of activating by the authorities such as Chekameh Chamanmah, Golshifteh Farahani, Sadaf Taherian and etc……

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