30 beautiful places to travel alone


At first glance it may seem difficult to travel alone ,however, according to many reasons This type of travel is very interesting . We want to introduce the best tourist attractions from New Zealand to Cinque Terre, Italy . Thirty of the top tourist attractions and adventure places which are around the world. There are  major options such as bungee jumping (high jump), sailing, cycling and climbing – for single travellers in New Zealand . Norway has wonderful lake views, and in addition, Norway, is a very safe country for tourists . Online magazine ”OECD Better Life Index”Introduced Norway As the safest country in the world with low rates of crimes .

Landscapes of Switzerland are  very beautiful and exciting , Despite the small area it has a very clean and efficient transport system and very easy access to all areas. Its beautiful cities like Lucerne and Zurich, both have beautiful lakes   and a good place to stroll, shop and enjoy delicious food. Costa Rica topped the list of the happiest countries. In fact, people in this country have Happy and convenient life . Vineyards of Tuscany has become this region  one of the most beautiful places of Italy . To visit this beautiful scenery, visitors can participate in tours of historic towns and enjoy the local cuisine. We can introduce some celebrities who like to travel and enjoy nature
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