Ava and Arash has got married finally

Ava and Arash are the first couple coming out of Iranian version of X-factor or you can Call it Iranian outside of Iran got talent. They are one of the first patch of people who came out of Googosh music academy in the manoto1 channel. Most of the tv program in that television channel are either a spin of another successful idea in the big western network or just plan old translation of BBC rpduction or Discovery channel programs. I’m not sure how the big channel let them do this. They do not have any product placement, any advertisement or any cable fees that they can legally charge their viewers.

The manoto1 tv channel’s business plan doesn’t make any sense any whatsoever! They same goes for the networks: BBCPersian, Radiofara and the list goes on and on. Although we have desgused this before in this post, it is worth mentioning the whole economy of Persian network working outside of Iran. There are lots of rumors out there about the subsidies that the foreign government give those network. As example, we can mention the website “IranianUK” who is aleged to get money from the countries in Persian gulf (and I’m not thinking Iran); or take “Radiojavan”, which has been alleged being provided with millions of dollar from the congress discretionary budget. Amazing that the tax money goes to such worthless and economically in capable to compete to real world businessmen.

It is worth mentioning that the whole show of “Googosh music academy”, was under immense rumors of being a big hoax and the winner was already determined and just like any other TV competition shoes or reality TV shows, heavily edited and scripted. And if one wants to dissect the show from the professional point of view, one can say it was total waste of time to watch that show. We do not recommend it for you or anyone who value their time.

Anyhow, here are a couple of pictures that have been alleged to be from the wedding ceremony of Avash and Ava:

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