Interview with Babak jahanbakhsh, the famous young singer.

Babak Jahanbakhsh, is one the most young and famous singers of our country who has released popular songs and attract so many fans.
He begun to play piano under the supervision of German teacher in the city of Bochum.He is one of the creative and stylish singers which tries to apply different works and songs and he has achieved so successes, because most of his works are popular and he has so fans.If you like pop music and if you like his songs follow interview with Babak Jahanbakhsh.

He said about his style and method of his songs,he explained that if he doesn’t believe to a work, he can’t transfer it, then if a work would be popular, it means it’s closely to song producer and composer.He said when i participate in concerts and so many of fans welcome of my songs, then i understand my songs are popular.

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