world Record Holder of Weight Lifting and His beautiful wife


In most of the countries, national athletes make more money than the average man on the street and get more fame and therefore get the most beautiful and wanted life partners. As an example, Roger Federer, David Beckham, Micheal Jordan, Shaquil O’nile, the whole number of football player and basketball players (with multimillion or billion dollars portfolio like famous shoe brands like Jordan shoes)  who have dated and married Kim Kardashian, Kloe Kardashian and the whole Kardashian clan.  You can Also talk about Tiger wood (who’s wealth has been estimated even up to two billion dollars). All the mentioned athletes have made a huge financial success apart beautiful girlfriend and wives with huge wedding rigs.

Same thing is happening for Behdad. After winning multiple national and international gold medal and even an Olympics gold medal, Behdad have married a beautiful and cute lady and it seams that they are having the time of their life and we are very happy for them.

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