the capital of aristocracy in Tehran

the shopping center of Fereshteh street is the capital of aristocracy in Tehran : This Shopping Center has surprised all of the  people and medias because of the strange prices of transactions. All of the shops of this center , which the number of them , aren’t  so numerous , have been accumulated in a building with two floors . Most of them are so big with  showcases which aren’t so crowded , and unique goods . In one of the shops , is called (TAGHEUER), among the women watches , you can see a watch , with pink leather strap  , and diamond settings which  is 17 millions USD price . The other watches are priced between 10-14 milions. In BULGARY Shop ,

A watch decorated by Gold and Diamond , is priced 30 Milions USD , The others are valued between 17-20 Milions . Order and Like , Deliver and receive from Italy : Zeina Shop , has a special difference with the others  , Here you choose your fabrics and Take your measurements  And then( in Milan, Italy) Italian tailors sew it for you and send you  next six to eight weeks. . The Price of These suits are between 4-10 Milions . The Price of a sport shirt is 700 Thousands USD , The price of a Cuff is between 700 Thousand to 4 Milions . the most important feature  of These Shopping Centers is that  Their concern is not that Attract many customers They want to Create new ideas and new projects

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