National athlete says she is forced to practice in the park

Iranian national team athlete and the 4th place runner of the Asia game says: “she is forced to practice in the park”. Because of lake of sufficient sport facilities for track and fields and the prohibition of simultaneous practice of women and men in Iran’s sport facilities, Mis, Anahita Soltani (one of Iran’s best woman runners) says she is forced to run and practice in public parks and grounds.

In case you think that why that might be a big deal, because in the movie rocky, Stallone has been doing the same thing and got very good result! To address this question we should know that the Rocky series were movies and there is a very little chance of getting to the highest levels of readiness if you just try to just run up and down the stairs. Also, the society in Iran still is very conservative and not ready for young women to just run in the parks and streets without  people just get their two cents in and find some sort of problem with it.

National atleth says she is forced to practice in the park

All things aside, it is very dangerous for a young woman in Tehran to just run in an unsupervised and protected public park, considering all sorts of people out there. On the other hand, there is a large amount of money is being spend annually to very unproductive and useless ways in the Iranian federation of Track and fields like promotion of namaz and other unrelated topics that can be relocated back to develop good athletes.


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