Interview with Parinaz Izadyar , She says about the secret of her beauty

She started her playing career in The Cinema  by playing in the movie , ”A City A Man ” And entered into TV Series by playing in the Serial of ” five kilometers to Paradise ” . We had a chat with her And talked about health and unhealthy eating habits , That conversation was interesting : 1- I love to sleep ,  I think , sleeping is one of the greatest blessings of God . It’s necessary to care about your  health of  soul. When you have activity during the day you can sleep well at night . 2- I’ve removed the rice from dinner, I eat dinner very early and very light, I am Early riser and eat breakfast Early morning . This habit has caused I feel happiness and lightness more than before And could have a better time for my meals. I’m a lover of eating fast food But I control myself to prevent of eating fast food . I don’t eat snacks for the health of my skin .I loved  the snacks in the past but Since that time I realized how much harmful for the skin I prevent myself from eating snacks . 3-Exercise is effective for Both physical and mental health , Especially when I don’t have a good mood , spend more times of exercise . I don’t specialize in a particular sport But at the time of unemployment , I go to  a fitness club and swimming pool . My concern in the life  is the health of the soul . That’s why I exercise to be healthy and feel good in the life . When the mind and thought is Healthy Everything will be okay .

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