Indivisuals who with their weight loss surprised everyone

Experts recommend the people who are dieting for faster weight loss They Say : every day The People should weight themselves on the scale . Based on researches on the 2 thousand and 838 people who were overweight and  decided to Reduce weight, Weight measurement per day will encourage them to have  greater control over their weight and dieting is ultimately more successful. Recently a festival was held in Dubai with the Subject matter weight loss  that particular award was intended for participants. In this competition give Gold to the winners who can reduce weight . In the world there are people who have a lot of perseverance for weight loss . The 25-year-old English girl could reduce her weight during only 6 months  The amount of 92 kg .

Harriet Jenkins is from South Hampton, who was 170 cm tall and weighed about 165 pounds. The English woman says: I wish I became a teacher, but because I was afraid always that my students made fun of me. She finally could reduce weight by encouraging and helping of her friends begin to reduce weight. The girl was able to exercise and diet With supervision of the experts could reduce the weight of 92 kg in 6 months. Now She Can become a teacher and teach in several schools , She owes her success to family and Her friends . In Iran the actress Bahareh Rahnama is a Pattern for weight loss , She tries to lose weight by help of her daughter . In the world there are a lot of patterns for weight loss that you can see some models and patterns in these pictures .


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