Face and Organs Changes of Artists and athletes

Face and Organs of Human beings , will Change gradually by spending the lifetime and aging . This is a natural law of Life. Aging is predictable for anybody . But these changes are more tangible and abservable among the famous artists and Favorite Athletes . Because everybody search and follow the news and pictures of them . A Few time ago we saw the new face and pictures of Abolfazl Pourarab And All of us were surprised of his aging about 50 Years old . I Saw a picture of Hamed Kavian Pour , The Last Halfback of Perspolis Football Club and Iranian National team of Football. He has left , playing Football since about 5-6 years , But the scope of changes of his face and organs was so high , and I Wondered of these changes . He was a thin and well shaped Player , But He is so Fat Now . We Can Find many samples of this Subject , between the famous persons . For Example , Farhad Aslani is now so fat too . I Think the famous persons must follow exercise and bodybuilding , To keep their body in a well-form position . We know many foreign superstars , which despite of aging , their body is still trained and athletic . Such as ( sylvester stallone) and Arnold Schwarzenegger , Jackie Chan  and many other Examples . Our Sport-Men and Artists in Iran , Must obey diet Planning and follow exercise to keep their body healthy . Hamed Kavianpour was the midfield of Perspolis Footbal Team , His High techniques And Dribbling Ability Caused  speed and power in midfield of Perspolis . Kavianpour Along with Ali Karimi Had A splendid time at midfield Of Perspolis . 



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