Ali Daei in his new jewelry gallery + New Business

Ali Daei After the resignation of head coach  Perspolis football team ,  Now he has more opportunities  To do his business . Top scorer in the history of  the football   world ,  now has more time for his family and pay self-employment . Last week, his  new sports shop Was established in the presence of athletes and artists NIAVARAN Tehran . Yesterday Ali Daei Also established his new  jewelry gallery called “light gallery”  in an area north of Tehran

Mona Farrukh Azari  Ali Daei’s Wife has done The design of this new jewelry gallery . Such as the opening  sports shop ceremony last week , Ali Daei ,   It seems that was not invited a lot of guests to the opening ceremony of the “light gallery” .. “light gallery” according to the products and services , seem to  Ali Daei Spent A huge investment for its establishment . It  was probably Ali Daei’s first commercial experience outside the world of sports. It should be mentioned that  Ali Daei’s new sport shop was  established  in Yasser Tehran street with a number of famous figures in sport and art .Ali Daei ‘s reebok representation  Store  established in the  Yasser  street .
According to Ali Daei planning a number of football and art  characters was invited  to Niyavaran Tehran . Because the resignation of Ali  Daei from  head coach of Persepolis football team ,  It is anticipated that the majority of players will be present at the opening ceremony Ali Daei  Store But Only Mohsen Khalili  came to this ceremony (Mohsen Khalili is former football striker of Perspolis football team )



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