An interview with Baran Kowsari and her strange condition for attending TV Series

An interview with Baran Kowsari and her strange condition for attending TV Series

Baran Kowsari is one of the best actresses who is playing in Cinema for several years . She has played in the popular TV series too . She said about the this year's Fajr Film festival '' I have seen just the movies which I've played in it , But I think the presence of people and great directors indicates that we would see an excellent and high qualified festival and I guess that the 32th festival atmosphere is positive . She answered about the question that whether she had seen her films along with the people ? She explained that almost tried to see all the movies either in the beginning or the end of films . The Jahangir Kowsari , Producer , and Rakhshan Bani Etemad's , Director , daughter , said about the festival jury team in this period ,Thanks god that we have an independent jury team which get their votes of confidence we would be sure that they do not think about anything except movies . They are all top-notch teacher and everyone is proud to be nominated by this jury and get the prize . She was asked that how much does she hope to her candidacy in this festival? She answered I'm strongly hope not for myself but also about my films I have played in them , because of the reflection that I have seen from the people and critics . She noted about the participation of theater actors in Cinema and vice versa , in my opinion If you want to look both sides of this case is positive . She answered about her presence in the TV series in future that I haven't receive any strange suggest but If I would be invited for the new year's '' Red Hat '' TV Series I will accept it .

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