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A selfie photo is actually photos which are taken by ourselves with a digital camera and is used manually(mobile phone).Photos are taken in this way have been used in social networks.In other words, your photos that are usually taken by yourself, in a close and with a mobile camera, is named selfie photo.This word was invented by an Australian man when he took and published it. But it’s interesting to know that the first time which a selfie picture was taken by a chemist in Philadelphia in 1839. With the development of social networks, especially Instagram, the selfie pictures was so promoted that Oxford dictionary introduced it as “The word of year” in 2013.Guardian recently reported about the growing willingness and strongly spread selfie photos in our country and publish and insert it in social networks, while the usage of them isn’t a new phenomenon in the European countries, Guardian has estimated the users who publish selfie photo, more than 1 million in our country.In recent years many selfie pictures has taken by political,religious,cultural and artistic figures.But taking these pictures has faced with a great risks by photographers.

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