Photo Agency Europe published pictures of girls and boys ski in Tochal


“Photo Agency Europe” has  released pictures of the ski girls and boys in Tochal . Interesting point is that in these picture Girls can ski without coats and Sweatshirts. Despite the Restrictions that exist in this country for women , They enjoy the nature and Snow . The report stated that Ski Tochal is a popular place for young girls. Girls who are not wearing Long manteau  in ski resort . Dizin ski resort is one of the popular ski resorts in Iran.  Length of ski resort Tochal is 1200 meters.There are three ski resorts in Tochal The most important , is Seventh station (Mountaintop) with a length of 1,200 meters But In recent years, reports has been released about more strict of government  on young people specially women who go skiing in the Tochal .

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