Approaching Philadelphia Public Transit Strike Threatens To Backfire On Unions


With Democratic”Get Out The Vote” energizes springing up wherever around Philadelphia (coming full circle with a Katy Perry show this weekend) and Hillary sticking to a lead in Pennsylvania, maybe the Transport Workers Union ought to have picked a superior week to begin a mass travel strike – conceivably undermining to cut turnout among the African-American people group significantly on decision day. As FiveThirtyEight composed, when a great many people consider battleground America, they consider Florida and Ohio, two of just three states (alongside Nevada) that have voted in favor of the champ of each presidential decision since 1996. They tend not to consider Pennsylvania a great “swing state” — it has voted in favor of the Democrat in each decision since 1992, and it didn’t split the main 10 in 2012 battle advertisement spending. In any case, in 2016, Pennsylvania could be the cornerstone of the Electoral College and a definitive referee of whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton dwells at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Which maybe discloses the real push to expand turnout and “get out the vote

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