Interview with Elnaz Shakerdoost About Marriage


Elnaz Shakerdoost’s traditional view About marriage : In an interview with today’s generation of magazine along with his brother  Had some interesting talk * Have you ever heard a rumor about yourself?” I’ve been among the actresses without margins , I have not heard rumors , Have you heard ? *For example, the discussion of marriage, Had You  been married a several times According to the press?

There is no time ! * What is Your standard for marriage? My views about marriage are different . Marriage is one of the hardest parts of life that makes your destiny. All the false rumors about Elnaz Shakerdoost’s marriage : In the past few years, several pictures of Elnaz Shakerdoust published in Social Networks Which was claimed that the actress is standing beside her husband. But most of those pictures were along with her brother , Ali Shakerdoost , And some of the photos were taken by ordinary people as a memorial photos . But all Rumors  were false, For Example Just a few years ago published a rumor that she married  with Mr. footballer (Alireza Haghighi)  that was denied by both of Them . In previous years, the excitement of discovery Elnaz Shakerdoust husband picture on the Internet to the point that now the search “Elnaz Shakerdoust and her husband”  on Google appear over 5 million and 920 thousand links ,Which  all are the false news links . Elnaz Shakerdoust has  said currently : ”I  have no intention For getting married But if I have an ideal position   I think About it .


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