Mahlagha Jaberi Talks About her Life and talent for modeling Job


Mahlagha Jaberi  is an Iranian model, who is a resident of San Diego, California. Height: 163 Eye Color: Dark Brown Mahlagha Jaberi’s fans believe that  She Looks like a Persian miniature paintings.  Beautiful model Who is famous for her unparalleled appearance . her sister the first time discovered her talent for models being. She Says About Herself : ”Mahlagha is my real name and I speak Persian as well , I believe the thing that makes me happy Honestly Every thing that bothered me  I pass it” I’m young,and believe that Enjoyment of A Girl is not in love, marriage or a relationship as boyfriend / girlfriend .

I only believe in friendship and my mind was focused to achieve my goals in life and be happy. I choose my friends and I hope to have a good friend. I’m a girl who dislikes to be friend with any boy.I Give the people Much luck to be my friend , If something does not change, I Drive out them without thinking , from my life . I’m not a selfish girl, but life has taught me  I Can be happy  Even if I live alone . I Dislike Club and Party and  I am far from all of them . My best time in The life to  go out with my best friends    And together to have lunch, go shopping and cinema.   I must say I’m living in Myself world. I hate people who talk behind the others And I’m trying to stay away from them. I love Polite and honest people , politeness and honesty are very important to me.” Some people say about her resemblance to Aishwarya Rai, Hindi actress . Some others believe that Mahlagha Jaberi’s appearance  is not natural and resulted from numerous surgeries  , Many believe That she is the world’s most beautiful model . She receives Many suggestions for Advertising companies around the world .
She is God’s beautiful painting
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