Wow Those Eyes – Courtny COx

Wow Those Eyes – Courtny COx

One just can’t get enough of those dazzling eyes. Clearly this is one more of the five photographs that will ideally compensate for the heartbreaking photographs that make up the lion’s share of this article. Also, in light of current circumstances is this photograph one of the five great ones. In the event that notwithstanding to no end more than her mind boggling eyes. There is something about Courteney Cox’s eyes, pre-corrective work that just warms the heart, and makes one feel that, in some weird way, Courteney truly nurtures the watcher of the photograph. There is a grasping warmth there, despite the frigid blue. And keeping in mind that her hair is everywhere in this shot, obviously this is deliberate (instead of the tangled wreckage in a passage above). Furthermore, her skin here, is phenomenal. Possibly she built up some skin issues in the end, or simply didn’t care for the spots dotted about her body, yet there was nothing so amiss with her body that it merited the unpleasant treatment it got.

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