Whatever Happened To The Real Courteney Cox

Whatever Happened To The Real Courteney Cox

Well damn. Presently here is a reasonably un-enhanced with Photoshop shot of Courteney Cox that is not the slightest bit shocking (unless one finds the wearing of garments in this shot, sad). How might one tell that there’s not really any enhancing with Photoshop in this shot? All things considered, simply investigate the majority of the spots everywhere throughout the highest points of Cox’s shoulders, and everywhere on her trunk. Most likely they travel considerably further, however there is a top in the way. It appears, when contrasted with the past lipstick-loaded shot, that Cox got the correct shading this time, and it unquestionably helps that her face is not all that unnaturally flushed this time around. Her hair isn’t leveled, and tangled to her head, and that is positively a stage in the correct course. Her cheekbones are wonderfully cut, with no insight of lamentable hang. Also, those eyes… goodness those dazzling, cold blues. They have no clue of being closed by strain, and they are still brimming with certainty, and longing. There is positively no opening in that look.

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