Struggling To Smile – that smile

Struggling To Smile – that smile

Okay, to be reasonable: here there is some level of observable age, yet that is still barely the issue with the photograph. She’s figured out how to have opened up those pressed together lips more to show marginally more teeth, yet very little to truly have much effect. It must be hard, when the muscles around the jaw are altogether seized by surgery. Not that she particularly did that to herself, but rather the extra work all over has had that very outcome all the same. One can find in the mind blowing measures of strain all over. That kind of pressure is held for enormous, full grins. The versatility of Courteney’s face here has gone totally. Beyond any doubt age has some influence of that, however it unquestionably doesn’t evacuate one’s capacity to truly grin. It doesn’t help that the red of her lips, and the red of her skin truly don’t play well together either. Courteney seems to in any event have some level of start left in her eyes here (given that one can really observe her eyes here), however it appears a battle to keep them open all the same.

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