Anahita Nemati’s athletic fields Except Cinema


We usually expect that artists have a sensitive and artistic spirit , and we can’t expect that an artist have the combat spirit especially when know that this artist is an actress . Most probably you know Anahita Nemati : She works as a professional kickboxing , a heavy and combat sport that usually is especially belong to men . We had an interview with her about her story of life She said ” kickboxing was firstly a fun for me , But after a while it changed to my interest . I was born in a sport family . My father was a sport coach . He was the lover of sport .

I begun to exercise from 6 years old with my father’s encouragement  My first course was Gymnastics and then I decided to learn swimming professionally . In high school time , I was familiar with basketball and Badminton . When I was 18 years old , I seriously decided to begin playing in cinema When I was an actress , I was forced to learn riding on horse for playing in a role . But unfortunately When I was recording a film , I seriously damaged two times and caused to my interest would be reduced . Playing in several films forced me to learn a few styles of taichi , fencing and kong fu . These constraints led me increasing my interests to martial arts . One of the personal characteristics of Anahita Nemati is eating . She said in this regard , when you are an actress you must observe so much things one of them is having a suitable fitness , then because I am a gobbler , then I compensate it by exercising

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