The most popular executers of TV programs shows

1- Adel ferdosi pour: He is a journalist, translator, Football commentator and producer of football programs.The football TV program which has begun since 17 years on air on Mondays nights, is produced and presented by him.This program which is called ” 90 “, has approximately 20 millions of audiences. He is considered to be one of the most popular public figures, all due to honesty, sincerity, and even questioning and disagreeing with high authority officials.Newsweek Magazine considered him among 20 powerful persons in 2009 because of his widespread popularity.

2- Rambod Javan: He is one of the most popular actors, and also has experienced as the director, scenario writer, and executer of TV shows.He has recently presented a popular TV show which is called ” khandavaneh ” since 2013. This program has so many fans and most of people enjoy watching it.He invite artists, and also many audiences from all over the country.The main target of this program, is laughening making happiness for all people.
3-Ehsan Alikhani: He is one the famous presenters of TV programs, which is called ” Honey Moon “.Also he has experienced director assistant, director and producer of TV programs.He mostly perform this program before iftar in ramadan.He invites different guests and make make warm and cordial interviews with them.His program has so many fans in all of the cities and he is so popular too.

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