Interview with Farshid Navabi about the concept of ideal life

Farshid Navabi is the known actor, presenter, composer, singer, guitarist and producer of cinema, in our country.He recently was separated of Elham Charkhande, the actress of cinema and TV series, and singer and caused fans to be surprised.He lives with his son who is 6 years old, named Arastu. We asked him about his opinion about the concept of ideal living. He answered ” I feel so tired these days, every time i ask myself that have i reached to ideals.The truth is that i have experienced all the happenings in my life such as, fame, popularity, wealth, different fields of work, but i feel that i wasn’t able to follow and achieve ideals in my life”. He defends his past life of himself without shame and said “I can’t say that some activities of me were mistake, no i don’t believe it”.

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