5 golden anti- aging rules


It’s quite normal that by increasing age, some changes appears on skin, but there are some factors which accelerate and intensify in the process of premature aging. We are going to explain briefly about them.
1- Don’t forget drinking water: Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, has a huge effect on preventing skin aging and also refreshing it.
2- Avoid false diets:
Arbitrary and improper diets, leads to becoming lean or obese and in addition to loosening and sagging the skin, it damages the facial skin and causes wrinkles on your skin.

3- Avoid the sun’s rays:
Because it has a great influence on skin aging and if it’s necessary to go out, don’t forget to use sunscreen.
4- Replace fruits and fresh vegetables instead of eating fastfoods and rich calorie foods, because the available vitamins in the fruits and vegetables, have a great impact on preventing of sagging and wrinkles of skin.
5- Avoid smoking: This factor is the most important and main reasons for aging the skin.

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