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Offices and photography studios in this field , Make us to get information about this new phenomenon with Mr.Navid Farid , One of the experts . Firstly He has a definition about model and ”Mannequins” . He said ” A model is a person who present and provide information to audience , By own personal and Characteristics . Do the models have specific Categories according to the area of activities ? Mr. N.f answered : ” Yes , The models have been devided to 2 groups . 1- Photo Models , are models who are placed in front of The Camera , Photographers , and their pictures is used for advertising purposes on billboards and magazines . 2- The ”Cat Walk ” models : Who have live performances and they are used their art on Stage alive . He was asked ” If someone is interested to enter in this field which characteristics must have ? He answered ” The selection and choosing The models , is related to their field of work and also the type of Climate and geographic regions and they are different . However , The international standards for male models at the Catwalk , Live performances , are in the following . Having minimum height of 185 cm and weight of 75 kg and for females , Having minimum height of 175 Cm and weight of 60-65 Kg . These models are employed in various fields of Jobs, especially advertising for ” Cars , Wedding Dresses , Perfume, watches and Clothes & Shoe brands , And even medical equipment and medical” .

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