Mitra Hajjar’s Funny Birthday Cake and interesting appearance behind the Scene


Mitra Hajjar and strange activities : The last film of Mitra Hajjar which called ”Finish War 2 ” recently came into public view . This film was directed by Tahmineh Milani . Mitra hajjar is one of the famous actresses who began playing roles in a Film which called Gharibaneh (LONELY) , Directed by Ahmad Amini in 1996 . Her noteable films are ( Anahita , 2010 ) , (The poisonous Mushroom , GHARCHE SAMMI , 2002 ) Her first important role was in ( Born under Libera , In 1999 . She was the winner of the best the winner of The best Actress
For the film of (Born Mehr Month , Born under Libera ) , directed by Ahmad Reza Darvish , She has gained the Crystal Symorgh in 18th in the Fajr International Film Festival . She has experienced playing in TV Series , The most famous roles were in the film of (The Young Police ) in TV Series . She has played Theater too . She has Traveled to France for studying in 2003 . She migrated to USA For Studying in directory Course . She could play a role in one part of TV Series which Called (Smith) in USA . She likes to do Strange Activities . For Example She has ordered to prepare her birthday’s Cake Likely to A Cinema Camcorder . And wrote under a picture of this cake ”At the night of my birthday we ate pieces of Cinema ! ”’ She took a picture and wore a dress made of paper money . She Has Published these funny Pictures , Including Covering with the money papers as her clothes and the funny Cake on her Instagram Page .

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