The young actress who married at early ages and became successful in her life.

Many of people believe that too early marriage especially for the women is equal  to stopping their progress And their belief is that these women are just confined at home, While there are many women who After marriage their lives has become Better than their single period . A good example for these women is ”Zohreh Hamidi ” who Married at age 16 and at age 22 was the mother of four children, But the suggestion of a friend caused her life  changed  and she entered into  the world of acting, You  asked how and why ? read this interview to understand the answer of  all of your questions :  At 16, I became the bride , I grew up in a Quite traditional   family , When my husband came to our house for a marriage proposal my family suggested that I marry with him , After some time, my children were born. Fortunately my husband is very good and  helps me  at all stages of life. I was a kindergarten teacher ,  I never liked to  confined myself after marriage and only do the  “housekeeping” job ! , so I decided, to become a kindergarten teacher , dealt with the kids was interesting to me, especially since it was an only  job that I could take my children  to the kindergarten and enjoy from being together. Despite having 4 kids  I became an actress .my family encourages me to enter into acting, I  surrendered to this temptation and enter  into the acting Profession … However, in during adolescense, I was present at the theater school, but due to the circumstances of my life, I never thought I become an actress.

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