the social differentiation and class conflict in Tehran

Unfortunately, the  the social differentiation in Tehran extremely high , As far as , Many people of Tehran Don’t have the ability to supply The most simple living conditions , Many of People Ride  very expensive Cars , One billion USD and sometimes even two billion USD , But unfortunately , Many people Don’t Have A situation to Buy a  normal car . The class conflict isn’t Just about their Cars . In other cases of  life , Tehran’s class conflict is clearly seen . If You Check North of the city’s streets Of Tehran    Will be familiar with boutiques and shopping centers Which Have Well known  guests Such as ”Massimo Dutti ” , ”Abercrombie ” , ”Louis Vuitton” , ”Gucci” , ” Pierre Cardin” , ”Yves Saint Laurent ” , ”Mango” , ” Prada ” ,”Wrangler” , ”Levis ” , ”Mavi” and placed them  in their hearts . If you are among those who want to  reduce A little bit of a heavy bank account,  go to these shopping centers! It is not wrong to say that Tehran is the capital of world famous brands. Brands that perhaps 80% of people in this town are alien to them . Wearing of clothing with the value of millions USD , The Cars with the value of several hundred millions USD , these are the examples of strange class conflict in Tehran . They do not feel too Price increase of wares in Tehran and the low salary of workers In Iran


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