The presence of famous actor in Popular singer’s concert

Mohammadreza Golzar is one of the most attractive actors among Iranian cinema’s stars. Golzar starred in his first movie role ”Sam and narges ”  in 2000 which was directed by Iraj Ghadery . After that he continued participating in other great movies by great directors such as  ”edge of the promontory”  Bahram Beyzaie, ”Mom’s Guest” Daryoosh Mehrjui, ” soldiers Friday ” Ebrahim Hatami Kia, in which he had the leading roles.He also can play guitar, organ and percussion. He also had co-operated with ”Darkoob Group Music” which didn’t last for a long.

He has an independent music group called the REZZAR. REZZAR is  Mohammadreza Golzar’s Short name who has  registered this brand after his own name. He is also interested in different sports such as skiing, volleyball, swimming.  Not to mention that has coaching Ski card . Golzar has a  great interest in volleyball he was a part of  bodybuilding training team of actors ‘s volleyball team . Mohammadreza Gulzar also has great interest to the participate in concerts of other popular pop singer’s as an example ”Googoosh Live concert”  and ”Shadmehr Aghili Live Concert ” In Dubai.  And even Michael Jackson’s concert when he was alive

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