the most successful women of Asia in the world

Parisa Tabrizi , Soraya Darabi and Roxana Vozara are Threesome that Despite Still have not reached the age of thirty years but they able  to do great things and they have a good job . Soraya Darabi, who is now 29 years old, is a known figure in the world of the Internet.   Her latest initiative was a site called Zady which  the site’s income was  3/1 million dollars from America’s National Training Center. Soraya Darabi previously with launching site Foodspotting gained much fame and fortune. on this site, users can share  interesting and delicious food photos which they  eat every day.for many people This site may be  to have fun but for its  founder , Soraya Darabi  , benefit of this site was three milion dollars .she  also has experience in Conde Nast and But her success in Foodspotting is impressive.  Parisa Tabrizi is associated with  Google, and because of this support  and this  cooperation has achieved a stunning success. Parisa Tabrizi  is known as Google security winner card, Google’s director of engineering, information security and improve products security such as Google Chrome . she controls a Thirty-member team of engineering .
Parisa Tabrizi’s  team check Google Chrome security Regularly And have a serious surveillance . Parisa Tabriz says in an interview about Necessity the presence of women in technology and believes that for the creation of new technology should be representative of the whole world, not just men.

Roxana Vozara is known as  one of the young and creative figures of  Microsoft  . she  Is responsible for the company’s projects in Europe






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