The most specific and well-dressed Actress

The most specific and well-dressed Actress

Anahita Nemati is former Abolfazl Pour Arab wife , Abolfazl PourArab was the myth of and the best super stars Iranian cinema With unfortunate Suffering from with cancer Over the years He could overcome on cancer by his own Volition. In all the years he was away from acting career His former wife Anahita Nemati was also a good actress Abolfazl Pour Arab caused her progress in acting a lot . But now they Do not live together for a few years . Anahita Nemati is famous for her handsome bridage and she is so well-dressed and fashionable . In Iran Brigade such as Anahita Nemati can be found rarely , These days, tattooing and tattoo has become An inclusive Method among World celebrities figures and Especially actresses in the world . and Most international superstars and famous figures perform tattooing the different parts of their body . Although in foreign countries tattooing is known as a common issue but among Iranian actress tattooing can be found Rarely .but Anahita Nemati with the courage has done This tattooing, Due to widespread censorship in Iran And lack of freedom A lot of things such as tattooing Famous characters can hardly do But Anahita Nemati is always special and has independent behavior Honestly we can say the Brigade the face and other Anahita Nemati’s Specifications is unique Pictures from her trip to Moscow in Instagram Proof of this isue . which she shared them for her fans

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