The History of Activities and reputation of Mr. Shajarian

Shajarian Is The Master Of Professional traditional music In Iran , Shajarian rivals before the revolution of Iran were too much. Those years He was a young man who had entered the radio for the first time . He Had participated in a few television programs , While the female singers such as Parisa (”Fatemeh  Vaezi”) and ”Hengameh Akhavan”  were familiar names of traditional music  in Iran Before the revolution , Forty years ago ,   by the alias of ”Siavash” participated In The ”Golha : Flowers ” Program . Those Years were  Shajarian’s  years of progress ,
Mr.Banan, who was one of the greatest figures of Iranian Song , Admired this young talent , And had read Him The “future Banan”» Of  Iran . Although ”Banan” was the  critical of the incomprehensible quality of Shajarian’S Singing . After an introduction to the Raised figures of the music such as ”Nour Ali Khan Borumand ” and ”Abdollah Davami ” , He Could be Familiar with ”Mohammad Reza Lotfi”, ”Hossein Alizadeh”, ”Jalal Zolfonun” All of these young singers were Hooshang Ebtehaj ‘s Finding  . Shajarian for opposing the lack of freedom in Iran  does not sing on The Radio And Television of Iran .  And The largest numbers of  Shajarian’s  concerts are out of Iran , Shajarian is a popular figure , Because he  has been always  with people In all social problems .

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