strange conditions of Actresses and Actors for acting

Stars have strange habits and strange conditions  for acting in cinema and television .  Faramarz Gharibian  is one of the great actors of Iranian cinema , but he has a condition to attend a film as actor . his condition for acting  is that his name Should be listed in the title, first of all …Ezatollah Entezami  Has a healthy life from the  beginning of his birth All cinematic groups who have worked with him knew that  He should eat bread and cheese and vegetables for dinner

He also insists on this topic , If he participated as actor, While recording movies,  Dinner should be the bread and cheese and vegetables … Fariborz Arabnia has just only one condition that he don’t want to work one day of a week , To spend time with his son …Atila Pesiani is one of the most serious male actors of iranian Cinema .he has one codition from the beginning who Will work just 12 hours a day .  more of  this time, he Will not stay the shooting scene filmed

Even if all the groups are ready to continue filming, he changed his clothes and goes. Ms.Nikki Karimi is a big fan of coffee .  those who work with her say Need to know that she  drinks what kind of brewing coffee and drinks ?




Mohammadreza Golzar has a condition , He only appears in the film If he has The main role in the acting  and Can be present in at least 80% of the film. He chooses  his clothes and  do not take command from anyone  The film “Ice Flower” Kiomars Pourahmad, Golzar  refused to  work with Golab Adineh .

Hadieh Tehrani : They say that she  often has a lot of ideas about screenplay of the films and  some directors  do not like  Hadieh Tehrani’s criticisms   . If you add the power of Hadieh Tehrani on the stage you can know this story  she is an independent actress







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