Sarah Shahi’s Opinion About The real beauty of women.

Quotes by ”Sarah Shahi” : When I was 20 years old, All of my attention was  to the material things , I  imagined , I was more attractive By the material things Such as clothes, shoes, etc…. But now I feel I have been introverted. It may seem strange, But when my age was higher  My definition for beauty of women was changed . Now I think the intelligence and charm of a woman makes her more attractive,  not  Only The appearance and her clothing, ”Ahu Jahansooz” known as ”Sarah  Shahi” , She’s from an Iranian father and  Spanish mother in Euless , She Grew up In Texas , She’s The Former Dancer of the National Football League and the descendants of the 19th-century king of Persia. ”Fathali Shah” She Studied in the Field of opera and And took a degree in English proficiency. As a teenager she won several beauty competitions awards ,   Her first award was in The ceremony of Miss America in  Fort Worth(1997) .Sarah Shahi Played in several television series, such as the role of Jenny in the series”Alias, 2001”,  . ”The Role of Sadia Shaw in the TV series Dawson’s Creek in 1998” , ”The L Word serial 2004 ” , Sarah Also In The Serial of ” Supernatural ” was the first spirit in 2005 ” Sarah Shahi became famous for playing in the series of ”The L Word ” And also played in the second season. But In the fourth chapter did not renew the contract, thus Sarah Shahi’s character  in that movie was  removed from  Screenplay . She Also participated in several Hollywood Films and many other serials , Sarah is fluent in English and Farsi Languages and knows a little Spanish, She has brown belt in karate.


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