Sahar Valadbeigi’s interesting Grim with her husband Nima Fallah

”Sahar Valad Beigy” and ”Nima Fallah ” are two celebrities who introduced as prominent starring in comic movies , Nima Fallah  is a movie and television actor  who has a bachelor’s degree in press. he played in the television comic series ”Happy Hour” with the role of assistant  ”Derek” detective which was  directed by Mehran Modiri .

Sahar Valad Beigy is Tehran television’s actress and has a business administration degree from ”Modarres College” . Sahar Valadbeigi was identified by ”girls” serial . Sahar Valadbeigi and Nima Fallah are both film and television player, There is 10 years that they have started their life together. The biggest part of our common Features : ” I think honesty is our largest common point. Both of us are honest with each other, we do not hide anything from each other and are not telling lies together.

Except honesty, mutual understanding is also so important , we know each other well. in my opinion At this point , love is the main point. If life is honesty and mutual understanding, but there is no love,the basis of the life become loose and the life without Love is   colorless and odorless. Both of us did not have the insist to catch a wedding. Although our family tried to convince us to get a wedding but We have been married without wedding ceremony .


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