Putin’s amazing gift to a young lady

Despite the fact that we hear very bad news from the east and all those stories about the president of Russia himself, Putin has some good sides too. Putin came into power back in the 90’s after USSR collapse and after a failed presidency by a person who I don’t remember his name (the drank guy with diabetes), he has proven to be an strong man who know the delicate dance of politics while tries to show a clean, wholesome public relation picture.
There is a number of photo ups of him doing manly thins like hunting tigers, putting a blanket on China’s first lady, fishing and horse ridding shirtless and 100 other reports that are to clean cut and PR perfect.


I guess after reminding all those good stuff, you won’t be shocked to hear he is sweet puppy gifting man too. Yes, he gave away one of the cutest puppies ever to a teenager girl who asked him in a letter. Here is a picture of the puppy that Putin sent to an ordinary Russian girl, as Christmas gift. Of course, Putin is too busy to handle to gift process all by himself and got the deputy mayor of Moscow to find a cute puppy to gift it to the young lady.

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