New Picture and evidences emerges from the Azadeh Namdari and Farzad Hassani failed marriage

There were a lots of speculations about what really happened between Azadeh Namdari and her husband Farzad Hassani (two famous TV presenters in Iranian national TV and Radio agency). Since they were at the top of the game and a being a power couple like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt or david beckham and victoria beckham, it would make sense (at least financially) to stay together. Unless, there were a very bad and ugly secret that made Azadeh Namdari to totally pull the eject handle and jump the ship by divorcing him.
The following is a picture that Azadeh Namdadi has published in her instagram account:
In Iranian family law, there are couple of ways for a woman to unilaterally divorce her partner. One of those is the domestic violence. Having such a high profile case of a divorce and her perseverance through out the whole unfortunate situation have created a great example for any other women who are being abused by their spouse in Iran. It shows that there are ways to get ride of a none functioning relationship and seeking help through ones network of family and friends and using legal advice can help one’s marital situation and probably save their lives.
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  1. Hi everyone
    between wife and husband always has some challenges, it should be more happen when they live in a stress full city.

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