Mehran Modiri is preparing new project For Returning to TV Series

Mehran Modiri , is the most famous actor and director of the field of Comic Films and TV Series and home videos , After Finishing the home series of the Film Of ”Shookhi Kardam ” (I’m Just Kidding ) He was preparing to return to TV Series , and getting permition to create a new project of Films For TV . When The new government Started in few months ago , And visiting ”Mohammad Javad Zarif ” The secretary of state ” from the behind the scenes Factors of the last film of Mehran Modiri , It was obvious that Mehran which was barred from any activity in TV Series , Will Return Soon , and his team are preparing the Scenario of  the new project . In this series , the collection of the most famous of Comic Artists Will Play roles . The Project is expected to Produce in 30 episodes in three Parts . The Form of this Film is humor and Comic and Social , Which is Episodic and every part of it will Prepare with different adventure and Story But They are Generally Linked Together . The Modiri’s Totality and factors of this film hasn’t selected a name for this series . Modiri’s view and opinion is that The Story will design by different Characteristic then the story , narrates , then the audience can easily relate it . Writing the Scenario of this film are preparing by a group of authors and Mehran Modiri manages all of the Authors . Mehran Modiri has prepared the TV Series as the actor and director such as Nights of Barareh , Mozafar’s Garden , Man of a thousands faces (1,2) , The bitter Coffee .

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