Katayoon Riahi’s friends’ Opinion about her Personality characteristics

Hanieh Tavassoli : In “The Last Supper” movie I was co-staring with Mrs. Riahi. I should say, I enjoyed that a lot and was willing to continue, but Katayoun Riahi according to their personal preferences decided to take a break from the cinema and TV .

4I should add that, I am very sad for this event . She has a lot of fans and  I know that her supporters will be always om her side. I’m sure if  She wants, she can return to the cinema  and shines again.

A lot of directors feel her empty place in their movies and are waiting for her return to the cinema . We hope that after some rest,  which has been mentioned was needed, she comes back to the scene. And Besides the charitable work that Katayoun Riahi is doing , Also she can perform her art activities And  everyone can enjoy and benefit from her presence. Gohar Kheyr Andish Says : ”  Cinema is proud to have  an artist like Katayoon Riahi ” my acquaintance with Katayoon Riahi goes back  to ancient times , when I saw her movies and  Already I am not playmate with her  in the movies ,” Until  the movie “invited” by Mr. Hatamikia ” We played together in  one of the episodesof this movie .

Peace, patience, poise and play and other Katayoon Riahi’s personality characteristics caused that everyone admired her in Cinema. A woman with a kind heart, and most of all great patience and calm. She  Manages her charitable foundation to help (Kish Mehr Katayoon), which is responsible for supporting deaf children need cochlear implants, this foundation ceremony invited artists  and also I went there.





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