Kambiz Googoosh first hip-hop singer

41 years old Kambiz is Googoosh’s only son from her first husband Mahmoud Ghorbani (who was a Cabaret owner) . Googoosh is one of the most famous Iranian singers  ever since the Pahlavi Era. Googoosh is mostly popular in iran because  of her beautiful and dreamy voice, she also was a good actress in the Pahlavi Era . Kambiz left Iran with his father after the revolution in Iran,  and first emigrated to France and then emigrated to USA . he didn’t see his mother for many years and The distance had a bad impact on His morale. Kambiz, who currently lives currently in Los Angeles, produced one of the first successful Iranian hip hop or Persian rap albums, with innovative album “Chocolate”, which was very successful .

Kambiz Although could use the help of his mother’s reputation and credibility and be famous this album but never asked her mother for help , because he wants to present that he is independent . Kambiz also with a pop singer Shahram Kashani in Los Angeles Performed common tasks and Common songs , He has a passion for fast cars and racing motorcycle , he has also managed   A bodyguards Company . In an interview he says : ”  He does not like to think too much about tomorrow: “I prefer to have my pleasure in my life now, whatever I want to do … I live day to day.” his new photos show his  interest and perseverance in martial arts and bodybuilding , he has strong spirit And much perseverance In any discipline who are interested


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