Interview with Zahra Amir Ebrahimi About her new job

Zahra Amir Ebrahimi At the beginning of the interview Said : Many people think  the actresses of  Television are angels !Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, who lives abroad, said: All People of Iran May be involved in The event that happened to me . But our people are very kind, They May  be regretted and may have understood How Much I receive a stroke
Today I miss the country! “Zahra Amir Ebrahimi” is a former actress  of TV series in Iran , some times ago and after an interview with BBC Persian  , She denied the Rumors  about her private life In the Past ,Zahra Amir Ebrahimi Was selected as a reporter on the BBC Network After Leaving Iran , She has begun her work as a reporter for the British Broadcasting Corporation .She was a Capable actress when She lived in Iran ,She played The role of  “Zohreh” in the popular Serial of Tv “Narges ” , In an interview with BBC Persian, Announced that The cause of her departure from Iran was  People’s reactions to the rumors which was extended about her . Rumors which was widespread after the publication of a clip Attributed to Zahra Amir Ebrahimi . Zahra Amir Ebrahimi  lives in Paris Now And denied The Rumors about that clip  and Said to the BBC NEWS : ” Maybe the producers of this video have regretted of their behavior.” Amir Ebrahimi also active in photography field . She continued her career in 2008 and has two solar photographic exhibition in Paris . Her Photos are about  social issues.After leaving Iran , Zahra   Amir Ebrahimi   played in two movies  too . ” Travel to Hidalu” (2006) and “expect” (2011) . Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, was a familiar name and   talent actress on television of Iran.   . Because of the events which happened for her Emigrated from Iran . I hope to respect the private life of all the people

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